What Is Root & Risk In Rooting?

Want to explore more on your Android SmartPhone? Or getting frustrated with your old android version on your Android Smartphone? Everything you need to know in Android Operating Systems gives freedom to its users so that they can improve the performance of their devices and also use any Android OS version on any phone.

For Example -: If you have a very old smartphone that you are not able to update its Android OS because Old smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge will no longer support the latest version Android Operating System so in this case you can root your device and then you can use any Android version easily.

In this article, We will briefly explain everything about Root and Risking in Rooting and how to do the rooting process. 

What is Root?

In Simple Words, After Rooting you can add, edit, design, and get access to hidden features which are not accessible to normal people. 

Imagine, you have an old android smartphone but your all friends and beautiful latest Android smartphone or maybe iPhone. Now it’s your time to tell them what you can do with your all-working smartphone because you can easily root your device carefully with all precautions.

Each and Every SmartPhone manufacturer locks bootloaders for normal people for safety purposes. It is backdoor access to every device and there are no limitations or restrictions because it is used by developers to develop your device features.  

After the Android 4.1 version OS every smartphone manufacturer Lock this back access for security reasons root bootloader is locked and root permission is restricted in almost all Android Smartphones but Android Open Source Project (AOSP) allows all Android OS users to make changes, develop, create, and modify, 

Rooting is used to unlock bootloader verification which is locked by default or manufacturer, after unlocking the bootloader you get administrator-level permission which allows you to make changes like rebooting devices and use super applications that are only used by superusers so they need root access.

Rooting is very similar to jailbreaking which is done to get privileged access to Apple devices but lately apple ban this process in all the latest Apple devices. 

This is a very dangerous process for any smartphone because all good things have some drawbacks like the rooting process or rebooting your device that erases everything and you will lose everything after that rooting process. Then be careful because you will lose your smartphone warranty which will be violated in this rooting process.

Note:- Rooting may damage your device if not done properly. Make sure before taking this risk until and unless you have full knowledge. Only you are responsible for your loss. 

Risk of Rooting Smartphone 

For user security purposes android OS smartphone manufacturers lock or require your permission because you only need these permissions.

For Example;- Firstly, happens when you want to download any application from a third-party website or app store or application which are not listed or banned on the google play store then you may need to “allow permission to install files from unknown sources” which is locked by the manufacturer because it is not a trusted platform by Google play store. It is because they might have viruses or illegal content which can harm your device. So make sure before installing anything from third-party websites. 

After Allowing this permission only you are answerable if anything happens to your device and you cannot blame anyone because it’s you only who grant this permission to  “allow installation from a third party platform”. 

Secondly, When you want to expand and make changes to your smartphone on the developer level. For making this possible you need to root your device which uses a command prompt and a developing interface known as “Android Debugged Bridge”. Therefore you need to be sure and be confident in every step because in this process you lose the warranty of your device which is granted by the manufacturer while buying your smartphone.  

Note:- No matter if you buy your brand new smartphone and root it you will lose your warranty. We are asking you again to make sure before doing this process.


You can root any android device and everything is available on the internet but every android smartphone has different specifications and capacity. So make sure before all safety expectations before rooting your device because we are not responsible for any loss. For more information or queries you can visit our Contact Us page.

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