All You Need To Know About buying Android (Operating System)

Almost 80% Of the Population on earth uses androids in their daily life. Everyone in this universe knows about Android as the Best Operating System for smartphones or tablets. It is a modified version of the Linux Kernel. Android believes in making life easier for its users as you can use Android OS on your smartphones, tablets, etc. The latest version of Android is Android 12 which is its 19th version.

What is Android?

Android is an open-source Operating system developed by OHA (Open Handset Alliance) and Sponsored by Google. If your smartphone has Android OS then you get pre-installed google applications like google chrome, google maps, Google play services, etc. these are also known as Google mobile Services. 


As Android is an open-source platform therefore it is open to everyone like developers, designers, and device makers so anyone can experiment, improve or create things that can help other users of this Operating system. 

This operating system existed introduced to the public in November 2008 in Htc Dream mobile. After that, it became the best selling OS worldwide and got a very good response from its users therefore now it releases 12 versions of Android OS and regularly works on improving this Operating System. 

The latest version of Android OS is Android 12 also known as “Snow Cone”, which will be released on October 4, 2021, and the previous version is Android 11 also known as “Red Velvet Cake”.

Android is created to make life easier like Google lens, GPS service, Gaming, and many other amazing features which make human life easy by using Google assistant and other features. 

Why Choose an Android Operating System?

Android is the best Operating system as it is used by more than 3 billion people and counting. This is the best alternative to Apple IOS, therefore, Apple iOS and Android OS is the leading platform for smartphone revolutions. 

android operating system

Windows also have its Operating System called Windows OS which you get only in windows smartphones and is similar to windows for laptop. Windows OS didn’t get a good response from its users although it is open source it didn’t get much popularity therefore Android OS and Apple iOS is the leading platform for smartphone Operating System.

Apple uses its own programming language called iOS (Intelligent Operating System) which you can see in only Apple products like Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads whereas android is an open-source platform, therefore, many mobile phone manufacturers use Android OS for their Touchscreen smartphones. 

Features or What you Get with Android Operating System

Like any other operating system, Android gives a very different experience to its users. It can also support third-party applications and websites, unlike other operating systems which makes this operating system very useful for its users.

User Interface

As Android OS is updating regularly. So, Now different manufacturers of mobile phones have different interfaces for their users Samsung has a different user interface than OPPO mobiles similarly other Mobile manufacturers also make small changes. For example – Xiaomi Inc. smartphones have their own User Interface which is MIUI (Mobile Internet User Interface) which is similar to Apple iOS but it is almost different in all devices because manufacturers customize icons, features, and looks to differentiate themselves from other competitors.

The Android default home screen is easy to use and very attractive for its users. While playing games like racing games or car driving you get steering wheels with real-world graphics to make your gaming experience very attractive. Android OS allows touchscreen mobile phone users to experience Tapping, Swiping, scrolling, etc.

It provides a quick response to its users and gives a smooth touch interface. Also, some applications use sensors while playing games or using additional actions like rotating screens, portrait mode, or landscape mode.  

There are other features in the user interface of the Android Operating system as listed below:

Home Screen 

Where you get all Google Play service apps and you can also download third-party applications easily from google play which is a preferred and trusted platform for android users to download any application easily. 

You can see the weather forecast, many useful widgets, a google search bar, and easy access to other applications which you can also customize according to your requirement. You have many default wallpapers which you can edit and can change the home screen wallpaper in easy steps.

As manufacturers make few changes in their user interface to differentiate their product from others, you get all Google Play Services pre-installed in all Android Operating Systems.

As Xiaomi smartphones have their own MIUI which they update regularly. Its home screen is inspired by Apple iOS with different pages for apps and amazing useful widgets which you can easily access from your home screen only. But all other system features and settings are similar to other android phones because all use the Same Android operating system.


You get notified each and every time whenever you receive calls, messages, or any application notification which is also easily customizable therefore can also avoid useful notifications. In the latest version of Android OS which is Android 11, they make it very easy for its user to access notifications from status only which you can also access any app or icon you want to open. 

android notification

Get notified when your device is in need of charge or in the middle of charge if somehow it gets disconnected from electricity then also you get notified which is needed for every user.

You see a notification every time when you unlock your device so that you don’t miss any important notification.

Split Screen

After struggling for many years while using two different apps you need two smartphones but after Android 7.0 also known as Nougat. allows splitting a single device display into two screens in which you can use other apps. For example:- If you are watching videos on youtube and you want to note or want to use What’sApp or other apps which support split-screen and use two apps in a single device which is very very useful for many people. 

System Update

As the Android Operating system is an Open Source platform and for improving user experience they frequently update Android OS. Developers around the world work on bugs and fix them. They also work to improve the Android Operating System which makes it simple and attractive to its users. 

It automatically notifies you whenever they release a new version and update the previous one. Also, you can check the latest updates in the About Phone section which you can find in your system setting.

There are many other features of User-Interface like a status bar in which you can see your notification and also you get many shortcut keys like Bluetooth, Flashlight, Wifi, Cellular, etc. which you direct access from your status bar only. 

These features make this Operating System easily accessible and different from other operating systems in the market. 


In Every Android device, you get pre-installed Google apps as google as a contract with all smartphone manufacturers who use Android OS in their smartphones that they have to provide all google play services and google apps on their devices. 

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) includes a comprehensive set of Development tools like debugging, software libraries, EMU, documentation, etc. 

Google Has its own platform which is Android Studio, which makes it easy for those who have knowledge of coding C, C++, Java, Python, etc. to easily develop and get listed in the Google Play Store. From Google Play Store you can download free as well as paid apps also. You can also use the Play store for in-purchases which makes it a very beneficial and secure platform for its users. 

If you want to download any application on your device, you can easily get them from the google play store which has more than 2.7 million third-party apps available on the Google play store which are registered with google and trusted by Google.

Download any application from any third-party website or app store but at your own risk because third-party apps or mod apps are not trusted. They might have viruses or malware which may harm your device or hack them for illegal purposes. 

Make sure before downloading any application from a third-party website or app store other than Google Play Store. 

As Android OS is an open-source platform therefore they allow you to make a few changes to your device as per your requirement. You can’t download any application in Apple iOS because they have many limitations or if somehow you manage to install then it will not work properly because Apple iOS has a different algorithm. 

Additional Storage Option

On Android Device, You can also add additional memory with your internal memory which can increase the capacity of your device. You can easily manage both internal and external memory space from your file manager option. 

Previously few manufacturers faced problems with external memory will data recovery and so they excluded this option from their devices and used only internal memory. 

Battery Performance and Digital well Being

These features are very useful for all android users because you can manage your battery performance and track each and every application which is using or harmful to your device battery. This feature can save your battery from wasting and draining.

Digital WellBeing is the latest version introduced recently and in the latest version of android OS. It shows full analytics of what application you use and how much time you give to a particular application and also how much you unlock your device.

This is very useful if you are addicted to your smartphone so you want to manage yourself and not waste time on unwanted applications. 

Developer Options

Android OS is an open-source platform that gives many opportunities to its users. Android Operating System gives access to developers or those who want to make changes in their operating system so they use this developer option.

As this option is hidden after the Android 4.1 version but can be easily accessed by clicking seven times on “build number” which is listed in About Phone in your device system setting.

All smartphone manufacturers use developer options for making their product unique from others but if users want to use this option then they need to root their device after that you get backdoor access to your android operating system where you can make changes in your Operating System.

For example:- Whenever you switch on your device you see Manufacturer’s name and Logo but can change and buy anything you want. You can change anything because you have backdoor access to your operating system. 

Note:- While Rooting your device make sure that you have a backup of your data because rooting boots your device therefore you lose all your data. Do it at your own risk because it may harm your device if you don’t have knowledge of rooting. 

It is impossible to delete pre-installed apps or system apps from smartphones but in the developer option, you can customize and delete any application including system apps.

From these features, you can easily differentiate it from other Operating Systems and choose wisely before buying your smartphone. 

What is the difference between Smartphones and Android Devices?

All devices that have an android operating system are smartphones but not all smartphones have Android Operating systems. The smartphone is just an unuseful box without an operating system therefore every smartphone needs an operating system for running your device and making it a smartphone with its features. 

Smartphones will not work with operating systems, therefore, they may have any operating system whether it is Android OS, Apple iOS, or Windows OS for making your smartphone work. 

You can check what operating system your smartphone is using in the “About Phone” option in the “system setting” of your smartphone.

What is the Android Operating System Project?

Android Operating System Project (AOSP) is created to avoid control of any particular developer or industry because they might restrict or takeover other industries.

Therefore, Whenever smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc release new smartphones or android devices and make them available for sale then they must release kernel source code for everyone then only they can sell their phone in the market. 

This feature is only in smartphones that have Android OS because there are many manufacturers that are dependent on Android OS only like Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.

Unlike Apple iOS or Windows OS, because they use their OS only in their products, no other brand has access to these Operating Systems because of privacy issues which make Android OS different and very demanding among people.


Operating Systems are the main source of any smartphone or smart device like tablets, laptop, watch, car, etc. to make that device work. Android is the best and leading Operating System Among Others. Android gives freedom to its users and excludes all restrictions for its users. We are not developers and also not prompting any particular Operating System or anything. We are just to provide useful information to our readers. For Queries and Feedback use the Contact Us page. 

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